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E|SENZ designs and sell clothes for the fashionable woman who doesn't compromise on quality.
E|SENZ is seeking to extract the essence of today's varying fashion trends:
Simplicity: In all collections you will find basic models, which can be put together into the next collection.
Different: The collections contain a wealth of trendy fashion models with beautiful details.
Personal style: It is possible to put together your personal collection that fits you target group.

The Brand E|SENZ was founded by the owner Henrik Carlsen and Harring Carlsen I 2007.
Today E|SENZ is put together by a small team of fashion oriented employees who develops 4 main and 4 express-collections annually. The collections are sold mainly in multiband stores in Denmark and Scandinavia.

  • Fashion House Denmark has 4 values they strongly believe in.
  • Respect for the customer differences.
  • Loyalty and close cooperation with the shops.
  • Focus on keeping all costs down.
  • Development of trendy, functional and commercial clothes in good quality at a price most people can afford to pay.