Our collections are designed for a typical City Girl. Today, it is difficult to determine the exact age of her. As you dress differently and more by personality. It has something to do with women's mental age than her physical age.
We typically hit all womens, because the fit of the clothes are designed to dress/suit the more all woman. The collections have some keywords which characterizes the identity and line of clothes:

  • Trendy and yet different.
  • Raw, but still feminine.
  • Casual deluxe/small a beautiful details.
  • City spirit.
  • Simplicity and Personal Style.
  • Fashion House Denmark has 4 main collections: Spring, summer, autumn and Winter. Among them are 4 express collections, based on themes such as Christmas Confirmation, warm/early spring and High summer.

Each main collection is built with a few basic products to the 'right' price. Basic products can typically be used over several seasons and put together with the next collections. In addition, each collection has some products which are super-trendy (and maybe a little daring), but what characterizes the whole picture is that most products could dressed up or dressed down, depending on whether they will be used for a well-dressed day at the Office, a relaxed afternoon at café, a wild night out with girlfriends or as an elegant outfit to your sister's wedding.
For those who are 'technical' interest:
Characteristic of the collections are the many trendy details such as the smock, laces, material-mix and piping's - it is the detail that creates the unique and personal look. E|SENZs collections are characterized by each style has its twist – also the basic style has interesting details. Along with the details of the clothes are unique placement and all-over prints helps to emphasize the recognizable and special E|SENZ style.
E | SENZ collections have a size division from 34 to 48 and the size S-XL.